Brand : Ashland Astronomy Studio

2015 Moon Calendar Poster, with Eclipses, Stars, Planets, & Fine Details

This is the 2015 edition of the Moon Calendar poster that (in the previous year) has been acclaimed as The Best of Them All by astronomers, educators, and casual observers. The Ashland Astronomy Studio Moon Calendar poster shows in monthly columns how the Moon will appear to North American observers for every date of the year. The Moon’s path through the constellations is tracked daily, along with dates of close passages near bright stars and planets. Moon phases are depicted in fine photo-realistic images with shadowed craters. Lunar eclipses are spectacularly portrayed. The calendar also depicts changes in the ~apparent size~ of the Moon, which varies (from perigee to apogee) in regular cycles. Each printed image is precisely calibrated to match the angular diameter of the Moon in the sky when the calendar is viewed from a distance of exactly eight feet. The enclosed Moon Calendar User’s Guide explains how the various lunar cycles relate to how the Moon appears to us in the sky. Beautiful and informative, the Ashland Astronomy Studio Moon Calendar poster can be an impressive holiday gift or a practical tool for your own home, office, classroom, or observatory!


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