Price : $56.88

3 Packs Cork Light JEBSENS – LED Bottle Light for Party – USB Powered Rechargable Battery

the Jebsens Wine Bottle Light shaped like a cork! These little babies give new life to your empty wine bottles! Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you simply twist the cork to the On position and place in the mouth of any standard wine bottle to create beautiful wine bottle lights.

Nothing creates a beautiful ambience like wine bottles with lights Wine bottle lights are now fast, easy and beautiful with a handful of cork lights and few empty bottles. They truly are bright and make any type of bottle light up and shine brightly! Easy to recharge and creates a wonderful holiday effect. Reasonably priced, exactly as described.

*Made from natural cork and translucent ABS plastic
*Equipped with a super-bright LED light
*Internal polymer lithium ion battery
*Recharges via USB located beneath cork
*Recharges in one hour to provide 2½ hours of light
*USB port located beneath cork
*Fits a standard wine bottle (Diameter : 0.39” – 0.94”)


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