Price : $12.75
Brand : Eco-Elixir

3 Pcs, 24-Cell, 7-Cell, 6-Cell Underwear Socks Ties Bra Drawer Organizer Storage Box,Bamboo Charcoal Abosrbs Moisture and Smell

Organize Your Dresser Drawer and Make Your Life Easier!

1. Durable, Convenient to Store

2. Made of
Bamboo Charcoal Fabric + Non Woven Fabric

3. Bamboo Charcoal:
Great to Absorb Moisture and Smell

4. Easy to Organize Your Dresser Drawers

– 3 Different Sizes: Easy to Store Different Shapes and Sizes

– Great to store Underwear, Socks, Ties, Bra, etc

– Easy to Find What You Want

5. Can be Folded when not used


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