Price : $17.99
Brand : Aquasana

Aquasana AQ-6005 18-Ounce Glass Water Bottles, 6-Pack

Keep filtered water fresh and pure

The very best way to keep water pure and fresh is to bottle your own in glass containers. Better taste, better quality; a great way to entice yourself to drink more water!

– Will not leach BPA or other plastic chemicals into your water
– High quality, lab-tested glass keeps filtered water crisp and fresh
– Filter at home and bottle your own to reduce disposable plastic bottle waste

Product Powered Water Filtration 3-Stage Under Counter Filter Countertop Filter Whole House Water Filter Shower Filter 6-Pack of Glass Bottles Silicone Sleeves
Model AQ-PWFS-D-B AQ-5300.55 AQ-4000P EQ-1000 AQ-4105 AQ-6005 AQ-SL-500-MULTI
Finishes Black, White Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze White, Black, Brushed Blue White Glass Rainbow
Capacity 320 Gallons 600 Gallons 450 Gallons 1,000,000 Gallons 10,000 Gallons 18 Ounces
Filter Life 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 10 Years 6 Months
Chlorine Reduction 96% 97% 97% 97% 91%
Replacement AQ-PWFS-R-D AQ-5300R AQ-4035 EQ-1000R AQ-4125
Good for the Environment
Easy Replacement

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