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bobuCuisine’s Striking Capsule-Shaped Glass Jars Storage Containers with Airtight Lids – Fresher Food – Beautiful Glass Jars with Lid – Look Great On Your Kitchen Counters – Set of 2

Welcome to bobuCuisine!
bobuCusine is an innovative brand that prides itself on producing stunning kitchenware products with affordable prices while providing an amazing customer experience.
Moving out? New condo? New space? Let’s us rock your kitchen with awesome new products!
Like all of our products, your new Innovative Glass Storage Containers have two distinctive features; they’re Cool & they’re Quality!

Fresher Food
*This 2-jar set of affordable capsule-shaped glass jars with airtight lids are perfect for taking foods to work, to school, to the lake or on vacation.
*Unlike plastic containers, the nonporous, clear-glass construction resists stains and odors, plus they’re dishwasher, microwave, freezer and refrigerator safe.
*These first-class storage jars are both shatter resistant and spill-proof.

Minimal Space Required
*Your new storage jars are environmentally friendly and come in a set of two.
*Often people don’t buy storage jars because they take up too much room or they just look clunky, but these jars have a cool, chic look.
*Their capsule shape ensures that they will take up little space.

Use Them For Decorative Purposes
*Simply layer an inch of white beans, an inch of colorful pasta, an inch of kidney beans and inch of white rice for a lovely counter decoration.
*You can use any kind of dried fruits, vegetables, pasta or beans that you like.
*In addition, your dried foods will stay so fresh that you can go ahead and eat them even weeks later.

A great gift idea
A stylish package that truly makes a brilliant gift for anyone.

Terrific value
You will love your new glass jars!
We guarantee all of our products, offer the best buying experience out there, and will continue to give you an abundance of care.

Order today!


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