Brand : Colore

Colore Blackboard Wall Decals – Premium Vinyl Contact Paper For Restaurant Menu Chalkboard, Office, Wallpaper, Art Quotes, Home Kitchen Stickers – FREE Colored Chalks, Chalk Pen & Wipe Cloth – 2 Rolls

Looking to transform any unused flat surface into a chalkboard? Then try out our unique, durable and easy-to-use Chalkboard contact paper to see why it’s exactly what you need!

Designed and manufactured using high quality materials and adequate measurements, this premium chalkboard decal makes it easy for anyone to transform any flat surface into a chalkboard or art space. Its 18 inch by 6 feet size specification makes it perfect for use in a wide variety of places including homes, offices, classrooms, playgrounds, churches, mosques and lots more. It provides the ideal canvas for practicing arts and decorating flat wall surfaces in your rooms, offices or anywhere else. Designed for use on plastered walls, wooden doors, plain surfaces as well as other smooth and flat surfaces, these chalkboard stickers can also be applied to newly painted walls provided the paint is allowed to dry before application


To make use of this chalkboard sticker, gently peel off the rear layer and stick the adhesive side to any flat wall or ground surface. Then with the aid of the included chalk or any other suitable writing tool, write or draw on the chalkboard as desired or required. To reuse the chalkboard, simply use the included wipe cloth to erase previous writings or drawings on the surface easily and conveniently. It’s that simple

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