Brand : Simon Stelz

Enormous Space Saver Cube Vacuum Storage Bags, Three Pack. For Blankets, Comforters & Cushions

The ENORMOUS Simon Stelz Storage cubes are big enough for a queen comforter & a pillow or two large pillows & two small pillows. These space saver bags are great for MOVES, TRAVEL, BEDDING and PILLOW STORAGE and putting away PATIO CUSHIONS. All our space bags come with complete instructions and are 10 to 25% LARGER than most other vacuum bags in the market. These are cube bags and are three dimensional. The dimensions in cm is 60*90*24 and in inches is 35*24*9.5. These space bags also protect your clothing from mildew, water, dirt, bugs and insects. The space bags can be used multiple times for a variety of purposes like Out of Season Clothing, Extra Bedroom Linen like Blankets, Comforters & Pillows, Clothes that babies have outgrown and Patio Cushions. These space bags can also store clothing and bedding in your car for those unexpected Emergencies.


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