Brand : Green Direct

Green Direct Microwave Safe 2-Compartment Food Containers with Lids/divided Plate/bento Box/lunch Tray with Cover, Black Bottem with Clear Cover, Pack of 20

★★★Super Special Big Package Contains 20 Containers and 20 Lids For that Super Cheap Price★★★

★★★These FABULOUS food containers are perfect to be fitted into a cooler★★★

★★★It matters very little that they are propped vertically inside due to it’s leak proof character★★★

★★★It has an easy to “unlock” front lid★★★

★★★Holds up very nicely in the dishwasher for easy cleaning★★★

★★★These containers are great for making lunches for the week and popping it into the freezer★★★

★★★It’s thick walls keep cold items cold and hot items hot★★★

★★★These versatile lunch containers are microwavable for the ideal take out container★★★

★★★Stock up on these FABULOUS lunch box containers with there many excellent characters★★★


★★★Dishwasher safe★★★


★★★Fridge/Freezer safe★★★

★★★Designed to last★★★

★★★BPA free★★★

★★★A must to have in your house, and something that will make your life easier and better in every way★★★

★★★Try it once you will surely be 100% satisfied!!!!★★★


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