Price : $8.99
Brand : Kitdine

Kitdine Portable Soft Silicone Travel bottles Set (3 OZ, Pink + White + Blue)

TSA Approved, BPA free, High Quality Food Grade Protable Silicone Travel Bottle

This travel bottles are soft squeezable, rugged silicone liquid transport bottles perfect for business or personal travel, fun outdoors, and much more.

Made From silicone which is More resistant to heat and cold that plastic and less susceptible to breakage.

They are food grade they can be used for your lunchbox for salad dressing, ketchup/mustard etc.

The large opening makes it easy to fill and clean, and a ID panel on the collar for labeling helps you remember what’s inside.

Reliable sealing designed so thin liquids such as mouthwash will not flow out. Don’t wait until you are packing your bags.


Absolutely Leak-Proof – has 3 leak-proof wall and no dip valve to prevent leaks and spills

Large opening allows you to easily refill your bottle

TSA approved – travel size bottles safe for carry-on and airline travel

Soft silicone body allows you to easily squeeze out that last drop of shampoo

FDA approved and 100% BPA-free – safe to use even for your salad dressing!

Easily identify the contents of your bottle using 8 ID windows and different colors.

Use it for your shampoo, lotion, conditioner, sunscreen, body wash, or other toiletries.

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