Price : $22.99
Brand : Aluminium Broom and Mop Organiser

Organizer clip for brooms, mops, tools, sports equipment – Advanced universal storage slots grip rack mounted on wall – strong stylish aluminum frame – keep your home tidy – easy installation, lifetime guarantee

The Secret to a Tidy and Organized Home: Commercial Grade Broom Rack

A high quality aluminum wall rack with five universal ‘grippers’ designed to hold and organise objects of various thicknesses.

Just insert a handle into the ‘gripper’ whose anti-skid rollers will automatically adjust to the size of the item and hold it securely.

Use in the laundry, garage, garden, utility room, offices, and more.

Hardy ABS plastic grippers can be moved horizontal for a storage system customized for your needs

Remember, there is only a limited supply and that as soon as you click the buy button your brand new broom holder will be rushed to your house within 2 days. And after a simple five minute installation process, you’ll finally be able to have the organized and clean home that you deserve.


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