Price : $16.99
Brand : Pakkon

Pakkon 1 Gallon Wide Mouth Glass Jar with Plastic Lid / Ferment & Store Kombucha Tea or Kefir / Use for Fermenting, Storing & Pickling / USDA Approved, Dishwasher Safe, Airtight Liner Seal

You will fall in love with this absolutely amazing large mason jar. It features a wide mouth so that you can easily access contents inside.The wide mouth is actually what makes it so easy and simple to clean.Your search for the perfect tightly sealed jar for kombucha is now over. Here is where you cultivate kombucha scobys to achieve phenomenal results. Kombucha is the effervescent and tangy health drink made from fermenting sweetened tea. The Kombucha culture first began to spread from person to person in North America sometime in the early 1990’s, or even earlier. People made it in their kitchens and swore by it. Since then kombucha has become enormously popular as a pleasant, tea-based fermented beverage with a unique sweet flavoring. Say goodbye to mess disasters with those clear and neat jars which help keep everything neat and orderly. Place it in the pantry, fridge or closet to store your essentials, or on your buffet to display pretty stuff such as beach sand with a couple of shells, flowers, pens or perhaps even live sea creatures. The metal lid is designed to use for fermenting, pickling and canning food. Featuring a USDA stamp of approval makes it a delight to possess, especially because it’s completely safe to just throw into your dishwasher. We know you won’t regret your purchase!


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