Price : $14.97
Brand : Dr. Killigan's

Premium Pantry Moth Traps (6 Blue Traps) With Pheromone Attractant | 100% Safe, Non-Toxic, Organic and Insecticide Free! | by Dr. Killigan’s

The Costliest Mistake You Can Make Regarding Pantry Moths: Ignore Them.

Pantry moths are genuine pests, often carriers of harmful bacteria. They are smuggled into your home inside trusted food items purchased from common grocery stores. Your food is their home (where they do the unimaginable) until they chew their way out and find another food source to contaminate. TRUTH: You can’t just thow out a couple of defiled items to eradicate moths. You must disrupt the mating cycle, or they’ll be right back.

Dr. Killigan’s Pantry Moth Traps work best. They are meant to be displayed, not hidden – maximizing air flow and effectiveness. They use the strongest attractant and the stickiest glue, drawing in the males and stopping the breeding.

These traps:

Protect your family’s health by being a non-toxic, insecticide-free [and organic] solution approved by the USDA and EPA.

Save you money by protecting your food.

Are a simple solution (working while you sleep) to an annoying and often disgusting problem.


Confidence: These traps just work. They are unequaled in potency, and are individually foil-sealed, ensuring long-lasting traps that won’t expire before use.

Peace: No more worries. You already have enough on your plate.

Control: Take back your kitchen. Don’t let your food go to the moths.

Bottom Line: This is a killer product, but if you’re not totally satisfied, we’ll refund your money 100%. Guaranteed. No risk to you. Whether you are taking preventative measures, have a minor problem, or a full-blown infestation, start now with Dr. Killigan’s Pantry Moth Traps.

ADD TO CART. Restore the peace.


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