Brand : QICENT

QICENT Cable Management Box Organizer Storage for Desk TV Computer USB Hub System to Cover and Hide Power Strips Surge protector Cords – Electrical Outlet Boxes – White

Hide All Electric Wires & Power Strips in STYLE!

Laptop, mobile phone, iPad, e-reader, digital camera… Nowadays there are so many devices that need to be charged. Add to that your regular appliances: TV, laptop, printer, etc. Are you frustrated that the sight of a perfectly organized desk or cozy TV corner is being ruined by a messy tangle of wires and cables?

The QICENT Cable Organizer is the perfect storage solution for all power strips and cables that you have lying around. The E-BOX Cable Organizer hides them neatly, efficiently and dust-free! Keep your cable chaos under control in STYLE!

The QICENT Cable Organizer makes power strips and wires disappear, so the cable chaos is under control. It combines optimal functionality with a stylish, contemporary design. Your electronic devices (mobile phone, tablet, iPad, e-reader, digital camera) can be placed on the specially designed lid, where you can safely plug them into your charger. Thanks to two small holes in the lid these cables are also hidden in the BOX. We value good quality
The QICENT Cable Organizer is made of high quality and scratch resistant ABS plastic

Are you afraid of overheating?

Stop worrying! It made of High Strength Fire & H.E.A.T Resistant ABS plastic. prevents overheating of the box


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