Price : $10.95
Brand : Seal'In

Seal’In Food Storage Vacuum Containers with “Patented Design” – Set of 3

This is a question you have asked yourself a thousand times: Should I open this? Will I be able to finish it before it spoils?

Well now you can cast your doubts aside with the new
Seal’in Patented Vacuum Container Set

The Seal’In Vacuum Storage Container

This set is a great addition to any kitchen. Comes in three handy sizes 20oz, 30oz & 64oz. Made from BPA-Free highly durable polycarbonate that will last a long time with the same sealing prowess as the day you bought it.

Seal’in will save you money! Using
Seal’in containers will make stored food last longer.The patented silicone valve allows you to pump out the air with the included handy vacuum pump, removing the excess air.Since it is airtight, bacteria access gets greatly reduced & keeps whatever you put in the container fresher for longer. Use for coffee, fruits, vegetables, nuts, cookies, pasta, cheese & more.Then store in your pantry or in your freezer for even longer lasting results


This BPA-Fee polycarbonate food storage set is built with the endurance to handle multiple temperature variants, which makes it safe for the freezer, microwave & dishwasher so it cleans just as easy as it stores.

Peace of mind

No-hassle 1 year warranty by Seal’in. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


When storing powdery substances, its best to place in a bag beforehand so powder does not get sucked in the valve & clog it

When placing into microwave with the lid on it should not be left for more than 3 minutes

The container is constructed of hard plastic & unlike vacuum bags, not all air will be removed.It extends the shelf life of foods placed inside.Natural fermenting process will still occur but at a slower rate


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