Price : $11.00
Brand : Dave Seah / Functional Stationery

The 4×6″ Emergent Task Planner StickyPad (2 pack)

The Emergent Task Planner (ETP) is now available in a sticky note version! It comes in a pack of two pads, each with 50 self-sticking sheets.

Please note that the pad is 4×6 inches, and you will have to write very compactly using fine-point pens; this version of the ETP is for people who need its compact go-anywhere size.

Designed for those situations where the full-sized pad is just too big, the new 4×6 inch Sticky Pad ETP is compact and convenient for travel. Each sheet has a mild adhesive on the back, allowing you to stick your ETP into your existing journal like a sticky note, allowing you to create a combined system. It’s also useful for those times when you are away from your desk and want a mini-version of the ETP to bring with you.

The first run of ETP StickyPads comes in a shrinkwrapped package of two 50-sheet pads for a total of 100 sheets. It’s printed on slightly-thicker stock than normal sticky notes, which holds up better to fountain pen ink. Instructions are printed on the back of each pad, and a separate 4×6″ Instruction Card is also included.

Because this is such a small sheet (4×6 inches) you won’t be able to fit as much information on this as the full-sized ETP sheets. Its chief advantage is portability and the ability to stick them to other things.


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