Brand : Quality Choices

Broom & Mop Holder / Organizer, Wall Mount with 5 Slots Rack + Single Tool Holder – a Powerful Home and Kitchen Storage Solution.

Is your closet or storage cabinet dirty, disorganized with things bursting out? Do you hate having to pile up things in there and then lose things amidst all of the disorganization? Get the 5 Slot organizer with wall hanging capability to fix up a little extra space. Perfect space saver with a sturdy design, this 5 slot broom and mop holder/organizer helps deal with closet organizational challenges helping free up space in less than 30 minutes! Easy to install, it comes with detailed instructions and is compact enough for small storage areas. It can keep up pool sticks, golf clubs, brooms, mops and just about anything you can think of. Take your kitchen area for example. Instead of hiding the sweepers, mops and brooms behind some cabinet or closet, you could just hang them up on this 5 slot holder and organizer. Simply place the handle snuggly into a slot and friction does the rest by holding it in place. For the garage, it does a similar job keeping sporting equipment or handled tools tight. Let’s discuss some of the things that this holder can handle. To start with they go great for brooms, swiffers, mops, pool sticks, golf clubs, tennis rackets, rakes, hammers, shovels to just start with. The best part of this organizer is that it is versatile and can be used according to your imagination. So get those brain cells churning and think of how many of these holders you can pack into your house. Along with this 5 broom and mop holder, you get a single broom or mop holder that is best to keep in the kitchen or bathroom, for emergency purposes. This single organizer is just as easy to install and works exactly as the real thing. Instead of a five holder you now get a five plus one holder for the same price. Double your storage and organization efficiency with this holder and get tidy in the process.


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