Price : $25.99
Brand : GWHOLE

GWHOLE Mop and Broom Holder,4 Position 5 Hooks Wall Mount Rack for Home,Closet,Garden,Garage and Shed

GWHOLE Brush Broom and Mop Holder Storage Tidy Organiser Wall Rack with 5 Hooks


GWHOLE organizer rack is made to hang and organize all your handy tools, such as brooms, mops, rakes, garden equipments, tools, sport equipment and so on.

It is made of high quality aluminum alloy and tough ABS plastic. It’s strong, sturdy, long lasting and weatherproof. Each slot can hold up to 70lbs(30kg) of weight.This muti-fonctional hooks are not only for the mop and broom, but also for the other things, such as rakes, shovels and so on.

Fast and easy to install, and it is designed for the handles around 15.8-24.5mm in diameter. Screws and pins are included in the package.

How It Works:

The holders work on a clamp style fixing. Push the semi circle part upwards to make enough space for your broom, and slot the stick in, the semi circle will try to go back to the normal position and grip the pole.

How to install:

1.Draw the right position on the wall.
2.Drill holes in the right position.
3.Hammer the plastic tack into holes.
4.Put the mop rack on the wall and tighten the screws.

1.Please lift the mop or broom from the notch below the multi-fonctional hooks, insert the mop or broom into the notch, then release the hand.
2.The gripping roller automatically adjusts to the handle thickness and holds it securely.
3.To remove, just lift the handle of the mop or broom and the roller will release instantly.
4.Move the mop or broom levelly, then you can easily take the mop or broom down.

Package included:

– 1 * Wall mounted rack
– Proper screws to tighten the rack on the wall.

Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee! Try it out at our expense – If you are not fully satisfied, we will refund your money.


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