Brand : LunchSkins

LunchSkins Reusable Sandwich Bag, Navy Blue Shark

One thing all moms know is the power that small, everyday actions have to make a big difference.  Now you can help reduce the 20 million plastic baggies thrown out every day by using Lunchskins reusable sandwich + snack bags.  With colorful, modern designs – a toxin-free lining (BPA free) and dishwasher-safe material, too – these bags make it easy to be greener. The fabric is durable, grease-proof and moisture-proof making it ideal for school lunches, picnics, traveling and road trips with no worries of messy contents.  Our solution-based products have the potential to keep thousands, if not millions, of plastic bags out of our landfills, our oceans and most importantly, our future.   See a variety of designs and products at our Amazon store


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