Brand : Ashland Astronomy Studio

Splendors of the Universe: 2015 Astronomy Calendar with Daily Moon Images

Splendors of the Universe is an expertly designed 16-month calendar which presents the beauty of the cosmos in a series of astrophotography from the Hubble Space Telescope and other major observatories. Daily moon phases are depicted in the body of the calendar with realistic images showing actual lunar features, based on Ashland Astronomy Studio’s best-selling Moon Calendar Poster. Dates of astronomical events visible to North American observers (such as eclipses, conjunctions, and major meteor showers) are also noted. Important dates in the history of astronomy and space exploration are marked with icons and descriptions. All these features are neatly formatted so that ample room remains in every 2015 date panel for your own handwritten annotations!

Splendors of the Universe makes an impressive holiday gift or a practical calendar for your own home, office, classroom, or observatory! Featured celestial objects include: globular cluster M15, the Horsehead, Crab, Helix, and Witch Head nebulae, Jupiter’s moon Ganymede, the planet Saturn, the “Mystic Mountain,” the Andromeda Galaxy, spiral galaxies M83 and M74, and more!


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